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Whether you had an excellent experience or you think thereโ€™s room for improvement, please let us know. We value your experience with TFix above anything else. We want to hear from you!

First class and most efficient service. Kept in touch all the way through and repaired my sons PlayStation in no time at all. Name is locked in my contacts list and highly recommend this company. I have no affiliation to them, I just like a job well done.

Good service but bit expensive I should have just bought a new pair .

Great company. Kept me informed of the progress with my broken Switch console. Speedy service, reasonable cost and well packaged secure delivery. Would 100% recommend TFix. ๐Ÿ‘

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Most Common Question: "How much to repair my DJI Drone?"

We specialise in coming up with the best ways to fix your DJI Drone, and we are really good at it, because we've been doing this since 2008. Our aim is to provide nationwide and local customers with the easiest way to repair their DJI Drone online. TFix does this by consistently working on developing the best strategies on how to give the lowest possible repair price to bring your DJI Drone back to life. The platform we designed is aimed at providing quickest and best customer experience. All you have to do is select DJI Drone repair service, see an instant price, fill in a few of your details and get your DJI Drone over to us free of charge from any local post office. If you are unsure of the fault or your DJI Drone has multiple faults, simply order evaluation service and we will figure out what's wrong with it, give you a price so you can decide whether you would like to ahead with a repair.

Go on then, put an order through today and your DJI Drone sorted. DJI Drone Repair

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If you are looking for a reliable DJI Drone repair company near you, look no further. We can repair even the worst damage to your DJI Drone! Don't buy a new one just yet, give our service a go and we will save you money by reviving your old kit. You invested all this money into your DJI Drone some time ago, so don't let it go to waste, get it fixed for a fraction of the cost of the new gear.

  • We will refurbish and fix all faults with your DJI Drone
  • All our DJI Drone repair services come with full testing
  • Every DJI Drone leaves us with a free warranty
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Or pop down if you are looking for DJI Drone repair near me

We all love DJI Drone, some use it a tool, and some have made into work. And when your gear goes offline, i.e. the crashes or breaks, we are let in a state of panic! Quite frankly, we often comment, such as "you have to fix my DJI Drone, it's my baby, I can't live without it". Who we are to say that IRL partner is much better than the digital one!

Our DJI Drone repair centre has been helping customers since early 2008, starting all the way back with DJI Drone repairs in the UK. We understand that everyone is after saving money and getting back to your dji drone as soon as possible, so we make our dji drone repair service simple. Whether you are looking to send your dji drone in for us to repair from anywhere in the UK or merely looking for dji drone repair near me services, we are here for you. It's even better if you hang anywhere in London as this means you simply place an order on the website print out the label, pack your device safe-for-shipping and deliver it to the reception as any courier or postman would. We will then assess it, fix it, you make payment online and it will be shipped back to you in no time.

DJI Drone Diagnostics and Evaluation Service

If you want to know what's the problem and repair price for your dji drone before deciding whether to it's time for an upgrade, we have our Evaluation & Diagnostics service. This service will answer your questions such as; is it repairable, how much exactly would it cost to fix it and how long would the service take. Our experienced technicians will figure out what needs to be done to fix it. Then our automated customer communication software will send you a report to your email and a price via a text message straight to your mobile phone.

See Instant DJI Drone Repair Price

We've repaired tens of thousands of devices over the years and have vast amounts of data on the most commonly occurring problems and know all the best ways to get them fixed. So, for your convenience, we listed all these services on our website where you can see all dji drone repair prices and simply place an order if you already know what kind of device repair you need. If you found us by googling dji drone repair near me, place an order on the website, pack your kit safe-for-shipping and simply type in our address into any maps application. Visit us and leave your order at reception during opening hours like any postman or courier would.

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