Electronics repair for warranty, out-of-warranty and end-of-life consumer devices at gadget repair centre in London. TFix tailors electronics aftermarket services to consumers, repair centres, resellers and manufacturers. We ensure we can provide the highest possible value while keeping end-customer satisfaction a priority.

What would you like to repair today?

From computers, drones, audio equipment to game console repair. Our gadget repair London laboratories are ready to bring them back to life. TFix is in the business of identifying current trending failures in consumer electronic devices. Therefore, we come up with various repair strategies to provide cheaper, faster and reliable electronics repair services. Also, we keep the world greener by reducing electronic waste. And of course, keep your wallet fuller by saving you money on buying new kit.

You can rely on our electronics repairs. We are the real deal

Meticulously maintained laboratories with continuous investments in R&D allows us always to stay on top of the current consumer electronics market trends, identify them, develop repair techniques and help manufacturers to provide better customer support solutions.

  • Security and CCTV

    Private security firm monitors the business centre as well as every single laboratory is secured independently and equipped with internal CCTV equipment.

  • Online Tracking

    Account management based on access level via our online customer portal to improve confidence through providing complete service transparency.

  • Email Updates

    Software monitors each order to ensure updates are provided to the customer at least once every 48 hours.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Training provided to ensure every staff member seeks to provide more cost-effective and higher quality services all the time.

  • KPI Tracking

    Complete tracking of indicators such as success rates, return rates, trending faults and customer satisfaction through reviews.

  • Manufacturer Accreditations

    We ensure our staff continuously seek to be on top of manufacturer approved repair processes via approved training.

  • Research and Development

    Identifying trending consumer equipment faults is our bread and butter, that’s how we stay sharp and on top of the competition.

  • ESD-Safe Workplaces

    Marked EPA laboratories with implemented ESD safety procedures allow us to reduce risks and increase discipline.

  • Walk-in Centre

    Customer friendly and professionally looking reception builds confidence with a local community and improves service levels.

50k+ Devices Repaired

Making more customers happy every day

200+ Procedures

All service procedures documented for training

10+ Years in Business

Running stronger and stronger every year

6 Days a Week

Open to public Monday to Saturday

90%+ Success Rate

We achieve success by servicing only what we’re best at

100+ Corporate Clients

We meet corporate client budgets by being innovative


We equipped our electronic repairs London laboratories with the latest equipment to fix up your broken gadgets.  Whether it’s a game console, mobile phone, laptop or even a drone! Unlike other repair businesses, we don’t just repair anything-we-can-get-our hands-on. We pour our heart and soul into the services we provide. Before we decide to offer 3rd party product support for a device our research team dives into the market to find the following:

  • What issues users are complaining about most
  • Currently available solutions for aftermarket support
  • Whether trending failures can be rectified using TFix resources
  • Replacement part availability within our supply chain

Once this stage is passed test our purchasing department acquires multiple units of the device in question. Then the engineering team come up with detailed procedures and manuals on how to diagnose, repair and quality check the equipment. Finally, these manuals are later used at production level to ensure the service provided to end customer is consistent and satisfactory.

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