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Asset Recovery

Don't let your unwanted electronic items become a burden. Our Asset Recovery service breathes new life into your old devices, recovering their residual value through refurbishment and reintroduction into current or emerging markets. Plus, for your peace of mind, we follow military-grade data-wipe procedures, providing you with both digital and hard copy proof. Make the most of your resources, knowing your data is safe and your electronic waste is minimized.


WEEE Recycling

Embrace the future without worrying about your past. Let us take care of decommissioning, collecting, transporting, and compliantly disposing of your legacy electronic systems. We'll help you meet all regulatory and data security requirements during your IT asset disposition, consolidation and renewal projects. With us, your transition into the future will not only be smooth and successful, but also responsible and sustainable.

Ensuring Responsible IT Asset Management

As your local partner, we ensure that your IT assets are managed responsibly and sustainably. Whether you need to recover value from old devices or ensure compliant disposal of electronic waste, we’re here to help. Our services minimise disruptions, maximise satisfaction, and reinforce your commitment to environmental responsibility. With us, your assets and data are in good hands.

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We’re Committed to Delivering Excellence in Asset Management

At the heart of our service is a commitment to go beyond the ordinary. Our certified technicians are equipped with extensive training and follow stringent procedures to ensure top-notch service at all times. Whether it’s securely wiping data from old devices or ensuring compliance with WEEE regulations, you’re partnering with a team that’s dedicated to surpassing your expectations and contributing to a sustainable future.

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