We work as hard as we can to revive your electronics. You can check your order status by logging to your account online and viewing the relevant order.

You will be able to see how many orders are there in front of your one as well as other time-related information.
We won't intentionally delete any data; however, we cannot be held responsible for any data loss whilst the device is on our premises. We always suggest to backup your data avoid any data loss.

If you provide a device without a hard drive, we will require to install a hard drive to test all the functions of the device during a Quality Control check. In some cases, this might reset your current hard drive, due to the way device accesses the storage.

We always suggest to backup your data before sending your device to be serviced and reset it back to factory settings if it is possible to do so.
It is our priority service. Once you add VIP service to your order, it means we will process your order before any regular orders, which results in a quickest possible turnaround time that we can offer.
We always try to keep our prices as low as possible, and we understand that recycling prices suppose to be cheap. However, we are a business, and we have to make some money.

As a business we have to pay rent, wages, taxes and other expenses, it adds up to our service price. We do appreciate that from your perspective our prices might be too expensive, however, this is the best we can do.

We do suggest looking at other service centres, they might be cheaper as they might be running their operation as a self-employed, non-VAT registered person with fewer business expenses. However, cheaper, does not always mean better, so we encourage you to do some research and evaluate your choice of a service provider before committing to use their service.


We serve customers all over the UK via postal and courier services.
Visit our website, place an order, and you will receive a free shipping label on screen as well as to your email.
Package your device, stick a label on it and visit your local post office (if it is safe to do so) where you will be able to send it to us free of charge.

No printer? No problem! Show the provided QR code at the post-office, and they will be able to print you a label there and then.

You can also use any of the courier services to deliver your device to us. To provide you with the best possible service prices, we concentrate on processing orders; therefore, our staff cannot accept any walk-in customers, and we aim to provide our services digitally in the foreseeable future.

We will receive it, fix it, you pay online and we send it back to you. Simple as that. It is the only way we carry out our service.
As we are not a shop, we run our recycling operation from an industrial unit located inside a business centre. All our operations are very planned out and organised; this means we concentrate a lot on processing orders. Our staff cannot accept any walk-in customers, and we only provide our services digitally.

Please place an order on our website and use any post office within the UK to ship your device to us free of charge. We then evaluate it, fix it, test it, you pay, and we send it back.

Unfortunately, we also currently have no facilities to allow for walk-in pickups; therefore, we ship all of our orders.
Three simple steps:

1. Find a rigid box that is 2 - 3 inches bigger than your device on all sides.
2. Package your device inside the box with 2 - 3 inches of cushion material between the device and walls of the box.
3. Shake the packaged box. If you can feel the device shifting inside, it will get damaged during transit. Add more packaging material inside!
We suggest to send us a device only; we have every single accessory and cable for every single device we specialise in fixing.

If you do, however, would like us to test your accessories, such as cables, controllers, batteries, discs, propellers, etc. please include them.

Do not include extra items based on the idea that we might not have them.
It can take up to 5 working days for us to receive your device and it usually takes us less than 24 hours to process inbound orders. If your shipping tracking notes the delivery of the package, please allow us some time to book your order into the system.

Once in-bound processing is complete, you will receive an email notification confirming your order arrived on our premises.
We cannot manually change your shipping address. You can, however, change it yourself.

Please login to your account online and change your address before making a payment. Once you make the payment, you cannot change the shipping address, as it is our automated system books a shipping request with a delivery partner. It means we will ship your order to the address which was on your account during the payment process.
Please make the payment 1 working day before you would like us to ship your device.

Please bear in mind that we will only hold on to your device for 2 weeks before offering to dispose of it.


Whenever you place an order for the first time with us, our AI system will create an account for you. The system will send the password to your within the order confirmation email.

If you do not know the password to login to your account, please use the Forgot Password link and the system will automatically email you instructions on how to reset it.