• Aftermarket Services

    We understand the importance of efficient and cost effective RMA logistics management in electronic equipment repairs market and aim to provide customised solutions aimed at end customer satisfaction, whilst maintaining costs within required margins. All our services include live process tracking available to service provider and end customer. Our supplier management process ensures our business strategies are lean, just-in-time and cost orientated with only key inventory kept in-house.

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  • Component Recovery and Replacement

    We constantly invest in training and latest equipment to increase our capabilities and maintain constantly growing customer base with high retention rates. Dealing with devices and components exposed to unknown conditions our test engineers are able to provide safest SMT recovery and rework procedures to extend life-time of electronic devices and reduce return rates.

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  • Expertise Service Delivery

    Company experience in electronic industry extends to over 10 years of research and testing within consumer electronics market. This experience puts us in a position to value and understand customer and manufacturer relations. We keep our standards high by delivering our services and products according to client expectations. Running corporate and private sector projects side by side allows us to reflect and deliver best possible service.

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  • Micro Soldering and Inspection

    Dealing with micro electronic assemblies repairs we operate according to JEDEC, ISO, IPC, ANSI, BS standards and procedures. This transparency allows us to show the commitment through which we acquired solid customer base in private and corporate sectors. Continuous improvement strategies enables our Project Managers to direct resources in the best way possibly to constantly grow by investing into people, innovations and latest technologies.

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While aiming at a greener future we look for inventive ways to save money for our customers by recycling and reusing consumer electronic devices and introducing various electronic equipment repairs and recycling techniques. TFix Repairs is a company of dedicated and well experienced team of engineers who are passionate about technology – how it works and functions.

Consumer Electronics

PS4 MN86471A Replacement at TFix Soldering Laboratory in South LondonWe can come to the rescue when disaster strikes to your game console, with our exceptional game console repair service. We are the electronic equipment repairs and support provider for many businesses located around UK and Europe, and we also run one of the biggest soldering laboratory facilities in London.

Specialist Hardware

DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Flex Replacement at TFix in South London

A team of passionate engineers and customer service experts who strive to provide the best electronic equipment repairs and recycling solutions to our clients. Our research technicians constantly look for design flaws in consumer electronics and provide studies on how to improve and repair all faults.

Engineering Services

PS3 CPU Reballing - Benchop Reballing Oven - TFix Soldering Lab in South London

IPC/JEDEC standards controlled soldering laboratory allows us to successfully carry out crucial engineering application during electronic equipment repairs such as component drying, SMT rework, BGA reballing and other PCB modifications. All laboratories are humidity monitored, temperature controlled and completely ESD-safe.

About Us

TFix Repairs is a project aimed at saving environment and making a difference by providing easy access to local and nationwide consumer electronic equipment repairs of everyday devices to make a difference by repairing their laptops, computers, mobile phones instead of buying new.

The engineers at TFix are passionate about finding the most cost-effective solutions to carry out electronic equipment repairs, reuse and recycle electronics. Our repairs scheme saves everyone money and helps to keep electronic environmental wastage in tact.

Our project aims to provide simple strategy to get your electronic or any other gadget repaired. We call it ‘Book it – Track it – Collect it!’. We aim to change the stereotype of repair centres by being open to public, introducing updates via mobile and email messages and providing very clear terms and paperwork.

Most importantly TFix Project Managers and Engineers love what they do and are passionate about our work and to create sustainable and manageable value orientate electronic repairs to our clients.

  • Dedicated Engineers

    Our team of highly skilled engineers are keen to target all consumer devices related faults and carry out efficient electronic equipment repairs.

  • Order Tracking

    In house developed order analytics and tracking software allows us to efficiently manage process flow while allowing clients to monitor progress live.

  • ESD-safe Laboratories

    Being involved in corporate contract repairs we comply with all ESD safety, environment, fire and health & safety regulations.

  • Paper Trace

    TFix organisation has been created to be future proof so we aim to provide efficient invoicing to all credit account holders and passers by.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We work with suppliers to increase logistics efficiency within supply chain through various JIT strategies, which allows us to relay cost saving solutions to our customers.

Hardware Servicing

Starting from Computer assembly processes down to replacing LCD screens within laptops or identifying and providing solutions for re-occurring faults. We can provide a consistent electronic equipment repairs from a single customer to ability to manage a corporate RMA operation.

Handheld Devices

Private consumers driven solution, which concentrates to serve local and international market of handheld devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. All aftermarket services and electronic equipment repairs include process traceability, quality control and delivery to end-user if required.

Circuit Boards

Circuit board and repairs using latest equipment and expertise developed over the years of experience dealing within local market and international organisations. ECO fulfilment, BGA, QFN, CSP rework and component salvage for pick and place or in-field usage for further electronic equipment repairs.

Micro Soldering

Micro soldering applications and replacement of 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005 SMT component with quick turnaround within ESD-safe environment operating according to IPC and JEDEC standards. Our soldering laboratories are able to pre-bake and repackage sensitive integrated circuits to be accessed at later stages.

Lean and Green Business

While aiming at a greener future we look for inventive ways to provide cost-saving solutions to our clients improving our recycle and reuse strategies of electronic assemblies. TFix is a company of dedicated and well experienced team of engineers who are passionate about technology – how it works and functions.

  • Lean business model allows us to generate business with fewer resources.
  • Continuous improvement strategies are reviewed and optimised periodically.
  • Process evaluation and automation through software leads to precise repeatability.
  • Ability to provide complete RMA solution for client with process traceability.
  • In house ICT department utilises on-site servers to allow hosting of multiple software packages in order to save costs and forward savings to customers.
  • Stock control and supply chain management with sourcing department provides successful JIT strategies.
  • Project management through dedicated personnel allows tailor made Key Process Indicator development, review and tracking.

At TFix we understand the challenges OEMs face when dealing with post-sale services. Through our experience, expertise and analytics software we are able to offer value driven solutions aimed at customer satisfaction. Contact our member of sales team to discuss your requirements.

Service Vision

As a UK established rework company in electronics we strive to increase our market position through growth, innovation and maintenance of highly efficient supply chain to accommodate our Just-In-Time strategies, which allows us to provide value orientated and highly adaptable services to our clients.

Market Mission

Our focus lies on efficient fault finding and process development to achieve high level of success in restoring electronic assemblies to extend their life-expectancy and reduce stress on electronic waste. Employing latest innovations and technologies to make sure all of our processes are efficient and customer focused.

Company Experience

With an experience of over 10 years in the electronic repair sector, we offer cost-effective fault rectification solutions to our customers. Choosing TFix as your aftermarket services partner you decide to be in favour of economic, environmentally conscious, innovative and future-orientated company.

Organisation Values

Our people, our customers’ best interests and economic conscious behaviour are always at the core of our strategic decisions. We see our people as our primary asset. Their competence, experience and orientation towards the needs of our clients are values, which are decisive for our future-proof success.

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