We create and deliver consumer orientated electronic equipment support services aimed to provide exceptional customer experience.

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    Heavy investments in equipment, facilities and skills allow us to provide specialised technical debugging and rectification services.

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    We deliver right materials, skilled people and efficient infrastructures with agreed-upon time and at the lowest possible price.

We fulfil the demand for technical aftermarket services for out-of-warranty and end-of-life electronic equipment. Services are tailored to different client groups in order accommodate specific requirements and extract highest value.


Looking to repair out-of-warranty electronics?

Service Centres

In need of soldering or circuit board repairs?


Looking to outsource technical after-sales support?

Aftermarket Challenges

Our aim is to match the market demand for technical after-sale electronic equipment support. Highly skilled engineering teams, lean supply chain management and just-in-time strategies allows us to deliver quick, reliable and affordable technical aftermarket services.

Continuous improvement strategies, constant research and investments in latest equipment ensures we can efficiently deploy resources in advance of failure events in order to cope with customer demands for technical support when failure strikes. To maintain success as a third-party technical after-sales and out-of-warranty services provider we concentrate our efforts to specialise in post-sale product support to generate synergies and minimise pooling. Partnering with us will ensure that any organisation will benefit from upscaled economy and consistent delivery of successful after-sale support service.

Constant monitoring of product market trends allows us to analyse product value to customer and evaluate technological capabilities required to recreate customer experience when out-of-warranty support is required.
This strategy ensures we are able to match the demand for aftermarket service by creating efficient projects, infrastructures and assigning right people to deliver at the right time and at agreed-upon costs. All processes are monitored and tracked using sophisticated software and acquired analytics data can then be shared with client to improve manufacturing process for upcoming versions of the product.

Why Choose TFix

  • Dedicated Staff

    Maintaining positive morale through team building and community projects.

  • Constant Innovation

    To stay ahead of competition we heavily invest into research and development.

  • Live Reports

    Software based organisation management allows real-time tracking.

  • ESD-Safe Environments

    All our process laboratories are EPA marked and observed.

  • Temperature Control

    Due to running complex soldering procedures we keep constant temperatures.

  • Humidity Monitored

    Working with sensitive electronics we keep an eye on humidity.

  • Managed Suppliers

    All our suppliers are constantly evaluated and monitored to fulfil our JIT strategies.

  • Lean Business

    Innovative business strategies through software and mechanical automation.

  • 10+ Years Experience

    In aftermarket services business since 2006 and counting.

Some of Our Customers

Our processes are trusted by industries leaders

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