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Green Screen Of Death Repair
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Xbox One

Green Screen Of Death Repair

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If you have been visited by the glorious Green Screen Of Death, otherwise known as GSOD, this repair service will get you back up and running. Green screen issues can be caused by ... Read More

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Service Description

If you have been visited by the glorious Green Screen Of Death, otherwise known as GSOD, this repair service will get you back up and running. Green screen issues can be caused by internal hardware failures as well as software malfunction. During this service, we will identify what kind of parts inside your Xbox One are causing this issue, get them repaired and even replaced if required. Faulty HDD can be one of the reasons for GSOD.

Green Screen Of Death Repair Process

  • Complete Fault Diagnosis
  • Cosmetic Evaluation
  • Xbox One Disassembly
  • Green Screen Of Death Repair
  • On-Bench Technician Testing
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Xbox One Assembly
  • External Cleaning
  • Functional Testing
  • Software Updates
  • Quality Control
  • Delivery To Customer
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a month ago

I’m really pleased with the service that we received from the Game Repair centre. The communication policy is fantastic, they kept us informed of the status of our repair at every stage, from receipt, assessment, whether we were Ina queue for a service and onto completion. When I sent a query it was answered really quickly, and was instantly resolved. The whole thing was dead easy, and reasonably priced. One happy customer :)

Hannah Ansell - Verified Customer
a month ago

Quality service, quick turnaround, very reasonable & professional. My little mans switch was not reading games and the controller was not working properly, 10 days before Xmas!!!! I found these guys and they done a really good job, a very quick turnaround and a reasonable cost! I will definitely recommend and use in the future πŸ‘ Thanks one again πŸ˜‰

Simon Paskell - Verified Customer
a month ago

Excellent. Ordered in the parts needed for my iPhone then let me know when they were in so I could drop my 'phone off. E-mailed to say 'phone was ready a few hours later. Very efficient.

James Hellings - Verified Customer
a month ago

I was told about TFix by a friend, used it to repair my son’s Nintendo Switch. Service was brilliant, from start to finish! Every step was simply to follow and I was constantly kept up to date. I will definitely use them again

Kish Naidoo - Verified Customer
in the last week

Found TFix online and near me in South London. Very simple and quick process to get Drone fixed. Great communication. Will use again after next Drone crash!

James Finlay - Verified Customer

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How to do Xbox One Green Screen Of Death Repair yourself?

Everyone wants to save money, and virtually the main reason someone wants to fix their Xbox One is to save some dosh. Well, in some situations buying a new one is not even an option. Of course, there is no cheaper way to fix your Xbox One than to do it yourself. Once you decide to go down this rabbit hole, we suggest doing some preparation. Everyone expects that they will open up their Xbox One and there is a little button, which says flick it to fix it, however, the truth is far from it. We suggest staying away from Youtube and forum fads as most likely a simple fix won't do it and one will have to figure out how Xbox One operates internally to have a chance at repairing it. So, roll up your sleeves, take a look at disassembly pictures online, be prepared to encounter lots of cables, various secure bolts and possibly a disappointment as there's usually no such thing as an easy fix.

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How to get a manufacturer to repair my Xbox One?

Every single Xbox One sold in the UK comes with 1-year manufacturer's warranty, so if it starts to misbehave, you can always reach out to their customer support and book it in for warranty investigation. In case of a successful warranty claim, they most likely will issue you with a refurbished Xbox One. The advantage is that you won't have to pay anything for it. Disadvantages would be that you will probably have to wait up to a month for the whole repair/replacement process to complete and you won't be getting your Xbox One back, it will be someone else's. And if your device is out of warranty or the damage has been caused accidentally, you're pretty much out of luck as well and will have to fork out a hefty sum of cash for a repair. If you're ready to go through this, give the manufacturer a call and nag them about the problems your Xbox One has and they should provide you instructions on how to get your kit over to them for warranty.

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Where can I fix Xbox One? Local or online repair centre?

Everyone has to agree that the best people at fixing your Xbox One are the ones who manufactured it. At the end of the day, they have all the knowledge on how to repair what and all the replacement parts that they will need in the process. However, as mentioned before, going to the manufacturer is usually out of options, be it due to expired warranty or solely due to a lack of patience to deal with poor customer service or extremely long service times. In our "unbiased" opinion independent Xbox One repair centre is the way to go. Following a few basic rules, one can select the business, which will most likely provide professional service and brilliant customer experience. In most cases all this for a fraction of the price of what manufacturer would quote to fix your device. When choosing a repair centre, positive reviews are essential, of course, professional looking and correctly functioning website always helps to add to trust. Be wary of places that seem to "specialise' in fixing everything; one cannot know the ins and outs of all electronic items. The real repair centres usually specialise in servicing a few different device types as it takes a lot of effort to figure out how to economically and reliably repair particular device, in this case, Xbox One.

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