Merry Christmas and Happy New From TFix in South London

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Opening Times

Merry Christmas and Happy New from TFix Soldering Laboratory in South London

PS4 HDMI MN86471A Transmitter Controller Testing at TFix in South London

PS4 HDMI Transmitter MN86471A Controller Testing

One of the most common issues is HDMI transmitter MN86471A failure, which is caused by shorting certain output pins of HDMI port. This results in no video output even after APU BGA rework and port replacement.

iMac GPU Repair at TFix in South London

BGA Component Reflow Methods after Sphere Application

On this page we describe controlled oven environment and hot plate post-reball BGA reflow methods including their pros and cons.

Playstation 4 PS4 HDMI Port v2.0 Comparison

PS4 HDMI port available from few suppliers in China. The upgraded port seems to have a better design to enable improved usability for the end user.

SMT Engineers Work Place at TFix Soldering Laboratories in London

Soldering Fume Extraction

PlayStation 4 Network Connectivity Problems Repair

Hand Soldering and PCB Rework

PS3 CPU BGA Component

SMT Component Replacement

Termopro Rework Station desoldering PS3 Slim GPU at TFix Soldering Lab

What is ESD Safe Laboratory