PS4 HDMI Transmitter Replacement

PS4 HDMI Transmitter Replacement London - UK Game Console Repair


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At TFix we like to give back to community and our Corporate Social Responsibility projects involve serving local market with simple walk-in solution and get their electronic equipment serviced at discounted costs taking advantage of our corporate equipment and expertise.


PS4 HDMI transmitter is made by Panasonic and is called MN86471A IC. One of its functions is sensing supported resolution of your TV and outputting correct HDMI video signal format through the port at the back.

On rare occasions these integrated circuits fail, usually when mangled HDMI pins are shorted. Replacement of this SMT component isn’t very straightforward as it’s a 64pin LQFP package. On today’s project we had to replace one of them using a new part in order to restore HDMI signal, which was failing at MN86471A IC.

This kind of repair required low melt de-soldering alloy to remove old component using micro soldering station and microscope. As these parts are not available to be purchased brand new, they are only sold on grey market places, such as eBay or Chinese agents, we had to ensure part is functional before commitment to solder 64 micro pins. Our built MN86471A HDMI Transmitter test bench came to the rescue, which allowed us to easily place the part in-circuit via pre-installed high frequency ZIF socket.

Once we verified component was fully functional, the board went under microscope and every single pin was soldered manually by experienced technician. Once again we managed to revive another electronic device by going few levels beyond other repair shops.

Save time and materials. Test before installation.

PS4 HDMI Transmitter Replacement London - UK Game Console Repair
PS4 HDMI Transmitter Replacement London - UK Game Console Repair
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