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At TFix we like to give back to community and our Corporate Social Responsibility projects involve serving local market with simple walk-in solution and get their electronic equipment serviced at discounted costs taking advantage of our corporate equipment and expertise.


If you’re a professional using a Mac from circa 2011 most likely you will be familiar with nVidia Quadro 4000 graphics card. These were introduced as an upgrade for Quadro 4800 versions. All graphic cards are prone to overheating damage. The heat cycles of constant temperature cycling under load and resting stages of your Mac causes micro expansion and retraction to occur within the circuit board. This effect isn’t too healthy for solder joints, which form electrical connections between components.

The main powerhouse component is called Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Integrated Circuit (IC). This System on Chip (SoC) component can increase to over 90C under load. Over the years board substrate and cooling abilities of the fan decrease and solder alloy between GPU IC and PCB fails.

In this project we refurbished Ball Grid Array (BGA) solder connection between component and circuitry to re-establish these micro cracked solder spheres by a process called reflow. Reballing is recommended, however, we found that with nVidia Quadro graphics cards from 2011 it is not usually successful due to such extensive history of numerous heat cycles. Reballing in most cases causes these flip chip design ICs to fail. In this case reflow was performed and stress test confirmed the issue was resolved prolonging the cards life and helping customer to extract further value from their Mac.

Nvidia Quadro Graphics Card Repair – Reflow GPU IC

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