One Stop Solution

We help manufacturers to concentrate on what matters most to them – the product, while ensuring ex-customers enjoy products via our aftermarket services. Our automated solutions handle booking, communications, transport and full repair cycle during the process.

Inventory Management

We take care of warehousing replacement parts for you. The stock can be monitored live by simply logging into aftermarket services portal. This allows you to ensure you are aware of the current stock situation and we always have the parts we need.

Customer Experience

We aim to turn incidents into positive experiences for customers, which strengthens client’s loyalty to the brand. Constant continuous improvement strategies allow us to achieve excellent results during each interaction.

Process Analytics

We love tracking and analysing data, which help us to improve efficiency and enables us to provide cost-saving solutions for our customers. Manufacturers can monitor KPIs by simply logging into our custom developed portal.

Service Professionals

All our engineers are fully trained and have access to a vast library of technical manuals, which are developed by in-house test engineers or acquired directly from the manufacturer. The typical aftermarket services process of evaluation, repair, quality control follows every single order that enters our facilities.

Product Return Process

From initial customer contact to delivery of repaired product

TFix RMA Services Flowchart

Be Greener Business

Improve your business process and brand recognition by thinking greener


Our interactive solutions for pre-return qualification are designed to address customer’s problems where it starts. To save customers’ time and prevent the full RMA cycle processing we aim to resolve as many issues as possible by seeking to deal with simple requests while the device is still in customer’s possession. This approach helped us to improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by offering necessary help, such as firmware updates or device setup, remotely if possible.


Through constant investments in research and development, we aim to build AMS industry practices, which not only satisfy manufacturers and end-consumers but also sustain the environment and natural resources. TFix’s environmental policy ensures we do make an impact when it comes to industry efforts to build sustainable electronic waste recycling methods. Our processes are developed to assure we can show end-customer how to save money and environment by choosing to recycle over replacement.


We consciously design our processes to allow TFix to offer best practices in recycling electronics, such as EOL products, non-conforming manufacturing components, BER devices, IT equipment and other consumer appliances. Our asset recovery services provide manufacturers access to secondary goods market via our discreet channels where the brand’s image is unaffected. And we always remain environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible by reviewing our electronic waste recycling partners regularly.