high quality modern arcade cabinet for stylish homes, creative offices and cultural spaces

re-live the thrill of the arcade

tatocade is the taste of retro culture in the current century. All your favourite vintage classics in a sleek and modern arcade cabinet ready to be plugged-and-played straight out of the box. Beautiful piece of modern furniture to awaken your childhood arcade excitement.

classic games are for everyone

whether you want to brighten up your little one’s playroom, have a bachelor party coming up or simply want to kick back with colleagues in the office to get those creative juices flowing again, tatocade is a perfect side-to-side arcade machine for that.

compact, yet full of tricks

our modern arcade cabinet is fairly small comparing to classic retro gaming cabinets. Urbanistic and industrial design fits well not only within any modern home or office but also in corporate minimalistic environments. Available in different colours to feed your style cravings.

Nostalgy in a box

Most of us grown up playing video games and have great memories when it comes to arcade games or rocking the joysticks at The Arcade. With wonders of current age technology it is now possible to stuff all of those games into single package and revisit them with tatocade. Our space-saving modern arcade cabinet is a perfect patch for your inner nostalgic retro game itch. It’s also great social experience, as well as brilliant conversation starter. Relive the glory days of original Pac-Mac, Contra and Donkey Kong. tatocade is a perfect furniture piece for company reception, pop-up store or even a chic hotel lounge. Different colours are are available to match your design requirements and it can also be wrapped in printed vinyl with artwork of your choice.


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Social gaming

Some people point out that modern video game experience favours solitary gaming and those games usually require high levels of commitment and dedication. We tend to think of gaming as more of social event with low commitment and sprinkles of high intensity fun. It is the way we tend to remember The Arcade back in the old days. That’s what we achieved with tatocade by modernising the form factor of retro gaming and making it available to everyone. Those old retro cabinets are pretty cool, however, can be heavy, nightmare to maintain and no way to add more games. tatocade is a super sleek modern arcade cabinet, which has up to date hardware with capability to run thousands of games.

Experience the Arcade in a modern way

Shoulder-to-shoulder thrill. High-score adrenaline rush.