AMD Graphic Card Repair Services in South London at TFix

How easy is it to sell your unwanted computer parts?

Keeping pace with ever updating technology is hard, and that old tech geeky stuff laying around your house usually clutters your perfectly arranged feng shui atmosphere. With so much new tech coming out, especially in computers and laptops divisions, many components quickly become obsolete and can easily become dust collectors.

At TFix, we like order and we love the environment, that’s how our recycling service was born. We designed it to help conscious people to do their bit and help to deal with ever-expanding world’s electronic waste issue.

It’s super easy to get rid of your unwanted computer parts. We will even pay you for it! So don’t waste your time, select the kit you have, get the price, package it safely, get it to us and get paid the same day! We can even arrange a courier to come and collect the gear from you.

Our computer parts buy-in service is designed to declutter your home as easy as possible and make you money for free! Just think about that, there are no losers here, you fulfil your bit to do good for the environment, declutter your home and even get paid while doing it. TFix on the other end is more than happy to recycle your unwanted computer parts and put them to good use.

Price Promise Guarantee

We want to make sure you always get the best price for your items, which is why we offer a guaranteed price promise on computer parts – you get the price we initially quote, or we’ll send back your gear completely free of charge. It’s really simple.