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The most common Xbox One S problems

Having issues with your console? Need Xbox One S repair? Check out our Xbox services for most common Xbox One S issues. We have put most of Xbox One S problems together using years of industry experience and feedback from our customers. You would think that significant hardware and software manufacturer, such as Microsoft worked out all the kinks from its top-selling game console. The truth, however, is far from reality.

Xbox One S

When your Xbox One S hard drive fails you, you not only lose the ability to play your favourite games but also fall behind on the latest series. The console in most homes acts as a gateway to all the Netflix-and-chill experience as well as Amazon Prime binge sessions. We know we are frustrated when this happens, so should be you. After dropping all the dosh on this tech, it fails you and becomes just a shiny glorified doorstop.

We have gamers all around the UK reporting us about serious issues. Even to a point where we, as electronic equipment repair centre, decided to give everyone a hand by providing Xbox One S repair services all over the UK. Since the reveal, Xbox One S was met with mixed reactions by most UK gamers. It was mainly due to the system’s mixed-bag release experience. Some features were good; however, there were things such as Xbox One S update error or Xbox One S loud fans. Are you also in need of Xbox One S hard drive replacement or Xbox One S fan replacement? You are in the right place!

Any Xbox One S issues is a real deal breaker if you’re hoping to get into some gaming after work or have a binge sesh over a weekend. That’s where TFix comes in with our Xbox One S repair services.

We fix the most common problems within the Xbox One family. Not only can we provide Xbox One troubleshooting but also repair any possible issue within your system. Of course, if you’re willing to pay for it. You know as the Joker said to Batman – if you’re good at something never do it for free.

But wait, let’s not forget the controller and those long sleepless gaming sessions after which you find those sticks do not respond as well. In that case, you need an Xbox One S controller repair, and we are here to help! We offer one price for any issues your controller might experience. No need to keep that controller in a drawer around the house, get Xbox controller repair ASAP. No need to google “xbox srepair near me” anymore, visit us at our shop in London.

All our services come with FREE dust cleaning, FREE three months warranty. We are also very sure every single Xbox One S repair service will leave your console in full working order as TFix Quality Control department checks every single function. To be exact more than 20 checks are made to make sure you go home, plug in and binge headache free with no further issues.