Playstation 4 Slim Repairs


The Playstation 4 is brilliant piece of Sony engineering, however like every single electronic device it comes with it’s own trending failures. Since the release in 2013 manufacturer was resolving issues and bugs through periodic firmware releases, however software updates cannot fix hardware issues, such as power supply failures, blinking blue light issues or damaged HDMI ports at the back of the console.

The PS4 Slim is, however, a definitely big upgrade over the original PS4 in hardware, it is not only much sleeker and slimmer from the outside but also has much more compact circuit boards. This complete redesign allows the hardware to run more efficiently saving at least 34% of energy. Less power consumption also allows the console to run much cooler, preventing overheating issues, which in original version could only have been resolved by re-balling the GPU.

We are sure that at TFix electronic equipment repair centre your PS4 Slim has the best chance to get back to life whether you need it to get your kids of your head over the weekend or need a simple pause from life to indulge yourself with some binge gaming action. All repairs are undertaken is ESD-safe environment by professionally trained staff. The engineers have constant access to repair manuals, which have been researched and prepared by test engineers before released to production.

Every single PS4 Slim repair comes with usual service, which includes complete dust removal, thermal paste replacement and fan lubrication to prevent overheating issues in the future. Regular cleaning also highly extends the lifetime of your console. To add to your peace of mind we offer warranty with every PS4 Slim repair service we carry out. By carrying out multi-checkpoint quality stress test at the end of each repair we are able to keep the returns rate very low meaning our introduced improvement and repairs to your PS4 Slim are there to be permanent.