DJI Spark Motor Replacement - Drone Repair Service Centre UK

As an electronic equipment repair company we provide DJI Spark repairs no matter how extensive the damage is; whether it’s a flyaway unit or a water damaged drone. We are also authorised DJI dealers, therefore stock most of DJI Spark parts. This allows us to quickly and accurately carry out all DJI drone repairs.

Why choose TFix to carry out your DJI drone repairs:

  • Fully equipped soldering laboratories allow us to complete most complicated repairs
  • We are authorised DJI dealers, therefore stock most of DJI drone parts
  • We will provide a full cleaning and overhaul service with every repair order
  • Every single drone undergoes soak / stress test to ensure all faults have been repaired
  • No question asked warranty of 3 months is provided with any device we repair
  • We provide updates to customers phones and emails regularly as well as online tracking available 24/7
  • Our drone repairs procedures and manuals are documented to ensure we succeed every time

Being involved in repair industry for over 10 years we closely monitor various media sources to be on top of current DJI Spark repair techniques and solutions. TFix has been in business repairing drones since the original DJI Phantom. We have a lot of experience in corporate level service and try to bring this professional approach to consumers. Our repair services range includes drones damaged by crashes, battery malfunctions, operator failures, weather conditions, etc. We love taking these things apart and carrying out DJI Spark repairs. So, if you have a DJI Spark, which is need of a repair, give our services a go.