DJI Phantom Repairs - Nationwide Drone Repair Centre

Why choose TFix to carry out your DJI Phantom repairs:

  • Fully equipped soldering laboratories allow us to complete most complicated DJI Phantom repairs
  • We are authorised DJI dealers, therefore stock most of DJI Phantom parts
  • We will provide a full cleaning and overhaul service with every repair order
  • Every single drone undergoes soak / stress test to ensure all faults have been repaired
  • No question asked warranty of 3 months is provided with any device we repair
  • We provide updates to customers phones and emails regularly as well as online tracking available 24/7
  • Our Phantom repairs procedures and manuals are documented to ensure we succeed every time

Our extensive repair services range includes DJI Phantom 2, DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4 drones damaged by crashes, battery malfunctions, operator failures, weather conditions, GPS failures, compass faults, ESC errors, cracked shell, faulty motors, etc. All our DJI Phantom repairs are carried out by professionally trained staff within ESD-safe environment. Rigorous tests are completed by QC supervisors to ensure device is in fully functional condition before releasing to end-user.