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Let’s see repairability unfolding. Repair your adventure

DJI Mavic drones are revolutionary gadgets, purely due to a fact that the company brought a flying camera to hobbyists’ pockets. By lowering the level of skill required to fly drones DJI managed to offer Mavic Pro and Mavic Air to wide range of public. This opened up a lot of new possibilities to people, who probably never considered getting a drone, getting their hands on one trying it out. That’s when TFix realised there is a need to help an average consumer with DJI Mavic repairs.

TFix has started repairing drones since the very first consumer drone released by DJI. And with such a huge popularity the entry level really became low, therefore sales spiked by a lot. With so many units out in so many unexperienced pilots behind the radio controllers, it was no surprise crashes became a routine experience to new DJI Mavic pilots.

The most common DJI Mavic repairs we have seen are mostly caused by operator itself, hence crashes into walls, fences, poles and buildings. Also, being fairly new technology controlled by radio waves, new pilots have reported a fare share of fly away cases (that’s when your bird decides to simply fly away with no reason whatsoever).

Since the very first release of DJI Mavic Pro we have been fixing these foldable marvels of flying technology and helping content creators and the like to get back into the air. Since then TFix has become authorised DJI dealer for United Kingdom as well as drone repair centre with regular abroad training period at DJI headquarters.  This allowed us to ensure our DJI Mavic repairs are up to manufacturer standards as well as partnership together with DJI themselves to ensure after-sales support is provided by a local company.

As DJI trained authorised dealer TFix has access to huge variety of parts and information archive available only to approved partners. This allows us to provide cost-effective, quick service to customers in need of DJI Mavic repairs. Our service is very simple, we only provide repairs to products we specialise in. The services are tailored to consumers with full transparency in mind, which we believe how electronic aftermarket services industry should be.

Have a crashed DJI Mavic, need camera repaired, gimbal flex cable to be sorted or motor arm replaced? Select from the services above or simply submit your bird for evaluation and we will diagnose all the problems, give you a price to consider and will get you back in the air ASAP.