DJI Mavic Pro Repair Evaluation - Nationwide Drone Repair

Let us get you back in the air

As one of the UK’s leading DJI drone repairs services companies, we have an enviable track record for both managing high volumes and maximising value recovery on drone-related products. Key to that success is our purpose built repair facility, where the service and testing work is carried out. Our laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art soldering stations as well as industry standard ESD workplaces.

  • Fully equipped soldering laboratories allow us to complete most complicated drone repairs
  • We are authorised DJI dealers, therefore stock most of DJI drone replacement parts and have access to dealer-only prices
  • We provide a full cleaning and firmware update service with every drone repair order
  • Every single drone undergoes a manufacturer approved multipoint test to ensure all faults have been repaired and your drone is ready to take off
  • No question asked warranty of 3 months is provided with any drone repair order
  • We provide updates to customers phones and emails regularly as well as online tracking available 24/7 via our customer portal
  • Our drone repairs procedures and manuals are documented to ensure our engineers succeed in every single time

dji mavic air repairs at TFix in London

Our drone repair service centre has plenty of knowledge to get you back in the air. Our engineers undergo mandatory in-house drone repair training, as well as training by DJI, provided at their headquarters in the Netherlands. There they spend nearly 2 weeks taking drones apart and identifying, repairing and testing issues such as damaged gimbals, GPS failures, compass faults, ESC errors, faulty motors and cracked shells.

At TFix, we love new technologies and especially drones. The drone repair engineers aren’t just employees, most of them are drone enthusiasts themselves and own drones. We understand that those who invested in their drone equipment deserve a proper support in unfortunate drone crash situations. Our aim is to develop cost-effective value driven drone repair services for our professional and hobbyist customers.