DJI mavic repair

Let’s see repairability unfolding

DJI Mavic drones are revolutionary gadgets, purely because the company brought a flying camera to hobbyists’ pockets. By lowering the level of skill required to fly drones, DJI managed to offer Mavic drones to a wide range of public. This opened up a lot of new possibilities to people, who probably never considered getting a drone, getting their hands on one trying it out. That’s when TFix realised there is a need to help an average consumer with DJI Mavic repair.

Here at TFix, we started repairing drones since DJI released the very first consumer drone. And with such huge popularity, the entry level became really low; therefore, sales spiked by a lot. With so many units out in so many inexperienced pilots hands crashes became an everyday experience to new DJI Mavic pilots.

DJI Mavic repair

Operator errors results in the most common DJI Mavic repairs we have seen. Such as crashes into walls, fences, poles and buildings. Drones are reasonably new technology controlled by radio waves. Lots of new pilots have reported a fair share of flyaway cases (that’s when your bird decides to simply fly away with no reason whatsoever).

We have been fixing these foldable marvels of flying technology since the very first release of DJI Mavic pro. Since then TFix has become an authorised DJI dealer. Moreover, we are a DJI Mavic repair centre with a regular abroad training period at DJI headquarters. It allows us to ensure our Mavic drone repair procedures are up to manufacturer standards.

Repair your adventure

As DJI trained authorised dealer, TFix has access to a huge variety of parts and information archive available only to approved partners. This allows us to provide cost-effective, quick service to customers in need of DJI Mavic repairs. Our service is very simple; we only provide repairs to products we specialise in. We tailored our services to consumers with full transparency in mind. That’s how all electronic aftermarket services industry should be.

We provide a wide range of different services such as DJI Mavic gimbal repair, DJI Mavic leg replacement, DJI gimbal repair, Mavic gimbal motor overload fix, etc.

Select from the services above or simply submit your bird for evaluation. We will diagnose all the problems, give you a price to consider and will get you back in the air ASAP.

DJI Mavic most common faults

If you happen to crash your Mavic, you most likely won’t need to replace the entire unit. Our most popular drone repairs service is a ribbon cable replacement. Ribbon or otherwise, the flex cable is responsible for the movements of the camera. When you crash the drone and damage that cable, the camera can no longer calibrate itself. Or in some cases, you might not be able to control it at all. So it is relatively cheap to get that ribbon cable replacement.

However, it is a bit different when you no longer get any video feedback after the crash. It means the video transmission cable is damaged. Unfortunately, DJI decided not to sell that cable separately. Therefore, you or a repair centre will have to replace the entire unit. Lastly, we get a lot of drones with broken motor arms. Especially, the stoppers on both rear wings. They prevent the arm from bending backwards, so you want those parts to be perfectly functional and not cracked, broken or even missing. During the motor arm replacement, the engineer has to disassemble the drone, desolder the damaged arm and solder a new one in its place.

DJI Mavic repair cost

When you need fast, affordable DJI Mavic repair services, depend on the technicians at TFix! You have probably already googled such phrases as “Mavic repair cost”. We have fixed price services for most problems! While repair costs are dependent on the type and extent of damage to your Mavic, our repairs are always affordable and backed by a fantastic warranty program.

DJI Mavic repair UK

You might have gotten here by googling “Mavic repair UK” because there are no drone repair shops in your area. Don’t worry; we have you covered!

We offer free shipping labels to all orders placed online so you can conveniently get your device over to us. Simply print them out from an email. Don’t have a printed? No worries, simply click a button within the order confirmation email and we will post you the labels. Then just follow prep and pack instructions, stick label on, visit your local post office and it will be with us in a jiffy. Once repaired we will then ship it back using our trusted delivery partners. You will receive a notification when shipment is picked up and will be able to check the tracking information within your account online.

DJI Mavic repair London

When you need fast, affordable DJI Mavic repairs, depend on the technicians at TFix! Stop googling “Mavic repair near me”. If you are reading this as you already found the most reliable DJI Mavic repair centre in the UK.

All our services come with FREE cleaning, FREE three months warranty. We are also very sure every single repair service will leave your drone in full working order as TFix Quality Control department checks every single function. To be exact more than 20 checks are made to make sure you can fly your drone headache free with no further issues.