Pioneer DJM 800 Repair at TFix in London

Go on. Let us get it sorted. Your gear deserved it.

We are electronic equipment repair centre located in South London and we only repair gear we are absolute experts in. When it comes to Pioneer DJM 800 we noticed the gap in the market for streamlined, professional and fast repair services. Our audio equipment laboratory is fully equipped to run various tests once Pioneer DJM 800 repairs are done and we run manufacturer approved quality testing procedures. This allows us to ensure all mixers leave our premises restored to best possible condition at an agreed budget.

Pioneer DJM 800 Repair at TFix in London

Our approach to repair service industry is a bit different when it comes to supporting consumers, which need Pioneer DJM 800 repairs. Once we decided to support the mixer and provide repair services for it, it had to go through our standard research procedure. This meant we had to acquire few DJM 800 units and disassemble them completely in order to evaluate repairability, which produced good news as these units are built like a tank and pretty modular inside. Once we assessed the repairability, next task was to determine what Pioneer DJM 800 common faults are and what DJs are most complaining about. Being such a popular mixer there were a plethora of reported problems, such as crossfader failures, channel faders cracking, master volume knob failures, unresponsive FX buttons and so on. We selected the most commonly reported issues and went on to see whether we can develop solutions to these issues.

By offering Pioneer DJM 800 repair service we had to consider few things. First was to ensure we can provide solutions to the most common faults. Second that parts are available to be purchased by our supply chain managers and last was that prices are attractive enough so it would be worth fixing the DJM 800 for those in need. The good news was that all went well and we came up with the cheapest possible prices on the market. After the investigation was complete our test engineers went on and selected to repair services and developed manuals on how to carry out repair procedures so that our operation is scalable and every single engineer carries our the same great service for each mixer.

So, if you do have a cracking channel, no output or faulty knobs and pots have a look at the services we offer for Pioneer DJM 800 repairs. Then simply choose a service, complete the order and either pop down to our repair centre in South London, deliver your kit via courier or let us collect it straight from your door. We will get it sorted using best quality parts, clean it, test it and give it back to you.

Oh, and if you don’t know what repair you need or it just simply isn’t listed here, order our Pioneer DJM 800 repair evaluation service, this will answer questions, such as can we repair it, how much will it cost and how long the service will take.