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TFix is a cutting-edge electronic equipment repair centre located in South London with very good public transport links from the modern capital centre, which London is. Our R&D teams are constantly on the lookout for trending failures within prosumer electronic equipment market and once we identified users’ complaints via various network channels it became clear DJM 600 is one of the flagship Pioneer devices and it’s users do deserve great aftermarket sales support. As a company, we never repair just anything we can get our hands on and always establish an understanding as well as reliable replacement part supply chain before we decide to support a product.

Pioneer DJM 600 Effect Button Replacement - DJ Equipment Repairs UK

When it comes to Pioneer DJM 600 repairs we explored deepest places of the internet and identified most common faults these mixers are prone to. Then our engineers purchased few DJM 600 mixers and dug deep to evaluate the repairability of these devices to see whether they can be serviced in the first place. Thanks to Japanese manufacturing ethics these are very service friendly and most parts, which are susceptible to wear-and-tear, are easily repairable. Our test engineers then developed manuals how to repair these most common issues so that our technicians could easily approach Pioneer DJM 600 units once we start processing them.

Awesome guys at supply chain management used existing contacts to establish reliable relationships with DJM 600 part suppliers. This allowed us to provide great service and most importantly keep our customers in check on how long the repair will take. The last step was to establish testing procedures to verify mixers were repaired and ensure they are ready to serve customers for as long as they need them to.