Electronic Equipment Repairs - Pioneer CDJ 2000 LCD Repair Service at TFix in London

Ageing equipment requires innovative repair techniques

We have been involved with various audio equipment repairs since the early days of TFix existence as the electronic repair centre. This allowed us to develop a great understanding of trending Pioneer DJ equipment faults and establish procedures how to successfully repair them. Unlike your typical repair shop we do not just repair anything we can get our hands on, therefore once we decided there is enough market demand for Pioneer CDJ 2000 repairs service we dug deep.

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Repair at TFix in London

Our R&D department purchased few CDJs and completely took them apart to see how reparable are they. Once the decision has been made we can offer Pioneer CDJ 2000 repairs as a service, our geeks wandered into the wildest parts of the internet and identify most common faults these professional DJ decks currently experience. Next part was coming up with Pioneer CDJ 2000 repairs and procedures how to fix these most trending Pioneer CDJ 2000 failures. The task went on to our Test Engineers where they have been able to come up with instructions how to repair these identified faults so that these manuals could be used by our engineering department. Great guys working at our supply chain management ensured replacement parts are available to be sourced and established relationships through our internal supplier network, which is constantly monitored and optimised wherever possible. So, only after we acquired testing units, educated our staff of in and outs of Pioneer CDJ 2000 repairs, prepared up to date manuals how to rectify various faults and ensure stable supply chain for replacement parts is put in place we started offering Pioneer CDJ 2000 repairs as a service. This kind of approach allows us to truly identify ourselves as specialists at providing cost-effective and quick-turnaround service to our clients as we know how important it is to keep that downtime to a minimum.

At TFix we have few different divisions, which specialise in different sectors of our aftermarket services target markets, however, they all work very closely together to ensure we can meet expectations and requirements of every single customer, especially when your CDJ 2000 packs up and you need to get it up and running as soon as possible. Over the years we had pleasure working with many industry leaders and our engineers continue to provide outstanding Pioneer CDJ 2000 repairs to DJs, clubs and venues all around the UK and Europe.