Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 DJ Deck Diagnostics - DJ Equipment Repairs

We help to keep them alive

As electronic equipment repair centre, we have been involved with recycling and making the best out of expired gear since the very beginning. And unlike your typical repair shop, which in most cases is also your local money exchange, we don’t repair everything we can get our hands on. Before we decided to provide Pioneer CDJ 1000 repairs as a service we dug deep to work out few things, which allowed us to ensure we will be able to offer consistent service to DJs, venues, clubs and bedroom hobbyists alike.

  1. We acquired testing units and evaluated CDJ 1000 repairability by disassembling them completely. This allowed us to ensure these units are meant to be repaired and disassembly process isn’t some kind of destructive procedure. Thanks, Pioneer!
  2. Our R&D department guys then went on a wild hunt to visit even the darkest places of the internet and gather information about what people are mostly complaining about when it comes to Pioneer CDJ 1000. This allowed us to compile most common CDJ 1000 faults.
  3. Next was a turn of TFix Test Engineers to come up with detailed manuals on how to repair these common faults, what parts to use and how to efficiently replace them. They also came up with quality testing procedures on how to verify that the actual problem has been repaired at the end of service.
  4. Brilliant guys at our sourcing department then looked into our supply chain and ensured we have access to cheapest and highest quality Pioneer CDJ 1000 parts. TFix does have an active and constantly monitored suppliers database and we aim to keep it optimised by building partnerships with manufacturers to ensure our services are lean, which allows us to relay savings to our customers.
  5. The last stage was the marketing guys because now we had to tell the world about our Pioneer CDJ 1000 repairs and ensure those in need are able to find us. So, we’ve taken lots of pictures at our ESD laboratories and listed all the available services on our website.

So, if you are looking for Pioneer CDJ 1000 repair services, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever the problem we will work hard to offer you a solution and if the service is not listed, all you need to do is order Pioneer CDJ 1000 repair evaluation service and we will find out whether we can repair it, how much will cost and how long will it take.