Pioneer CDJ 2000 On-screen Errors Repair Service at TFix in London
TFix electronic equipment repairs centre is proud to offer audio equipment repairs on classic and modern gear, such as Pioneer CDJ decks and DJM mixers. We introduce new services very frequently so be sure to keep an eye on updates. The R&D department is on the constant lookout for best audio equipment repairs possibilities by extensively researching how we can repair, improve and refurbish your Hi-Fi gear. With decades of experience to draw on and using only the most excellent replacement parts, your audio and DJ equipment has the best chance of resurrection at TFix audio equipment repair centre.
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Cue Play Button Repair Service Repair at TFix in London
While DJ and music production equipment is a speciality, we constantly repair and troubleshoot all audio gear to work out how we can help everyday users to make the most of it. Don’t throw away that old CDJ 1000 deck or DJM 600 mixer it might benefit from our audio equipment repairs service! It will most likely sound a so much better than new equipment once it’s been given some professional attention and could even turn out to be a classic later on.

Because we care about how your gear sounds and performs we know how to get the best from it, you can be sure of the best possible results at TFix. Over the years we have become trusted by many audio and lighting equipment OEMs and currently, have Non-Disclosure Agreements in place with international manufacturers. Maintaining soldering laboratories, where we run surface mount and lead-free soldering/rework systems, we assure full compliance to international standards and, where possible and we only use RoHS compliant components sourced from ISO rated suppliers in our repairs.

Our audio equipment repairs and service procedures are thoroughly researched, documented and methodical, focusing on preventive maintenance. Once all repairs are completed all units pass extensive multiple point soak testing and quality checks, which allows us to maintain low returns rate.