iPhone 7 Plus Repairs and Services London - Apple Repair Centre


Have a broken Apple iPhone 7 Plus and need to get it fixed? Damaged your phone and you are looking to get your iPhone 7 Plus repaired? Find the best price for the required service for your Apple iPhone 7 Plus and place the order online. With our extensive experience in iPhone 7 Plus repairs we identified these iPhone 7 Plus common problems:

  • Diagnostics service – if you don’t know whats wrong or iPhone has multiple issues
  • Cracked screen, iPhone does not respond to touch, lines on screen or dead pixels
  • Battery drains out fast, iPhone not holding a charge, battery issues
  • iPhone does not charge, charging port damaged, holding port works intermittently
  • Loudspeaker issues, cannot listen to music or hear other people on the loudspeaker
  • Earpiece speaker does not work or works intermittently, cannot hear anyone on a call
  • Microphone not working, no one can hear you on a call, cannot record voice memos
  • Front camera not working, poor image quality, cannot take selfies
  • Power button unresponsive, power button issues
  • Volume button issue, volume button not working, damaged volume button
  • Back camera issues, back camera not working, blurry image
  • Wi-Fi or GPS not working, Wi-Fi constantly disconnecting, Bluetooth issues
  • Home button not working, home button works intermittently

Fixing your damaged Apple iPhone 7 Plus is usually much cheaper than buying a new smartphone. You can expect costs of about 50 quid for most iPhone 7 Plus repairs. Replacing the display is normally a bit more expensive due to the price of the part itself; however, in almost all cases it is cheaper to get your Apple iPhone 7 Plus repair than buying a new device and you’ll save the environment by reducing electronic waste as well.