iMac Repairs - Nationwide Delivery and Collection

With our extensive experience in iMac repairs we identified these iMac common problems:

  • Graphics issue, artefacts, black screen, no display/video
  • iMac running slow, iMac keeps freezing
  • Hard Drive makes clicking noise, HDD issue
  • Cracked glass, scratched glass
  • No Wi-Fi signal, cannot find wireless networks
  • Microphone not working, cannot record sound
  • Damaged screen, lines on screen, no display
  • Diagnostics service – if you don’t know whats wrong or iPad has multiple issues

Our repairs department is designed to provide best possible customer experience for an affordable price. At TFix we do not just sell products or services, we do, however, sell solutions to clients. Whilst maintaining large inventory of parts and specialised equipment we are able to carry out most of iMac repairs. The sophisticated equipment and experienced engineering team allows us to quickly and efficiently identify issues and evaluate processes required to carry out repairs, whilst keeping costs down for the end user.