imac repair
  • iMac Repair Evaluation4 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Repair Evaluation - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac Repair Evaluation

  • iMac Faulty GPU Repair2 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Faulty GPU Repair1 - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac Faulty Graphics Card GPU Repair Evaluation

  • iMac LVDS Socket Repair3 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac LVDS Socket Repair - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac LVDS Socket Repair

    £189.99 £149.99Sale!
  • iMac Overheating Repair2 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Overheating Repair - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac Overheating Repair

  • iMac Cracked Front Glass Replacement4 - Nationwide Apple Repair CentreiMac Cracked Front Glass Replacement2 - Nationwide Apple Repair Centre

    iMac Cracked Front Glass Replacement Evaluation

  • iMac Broken LCD Screen Replacement3 - Nationwide Apple Repair CentreiMac Broken LCD Screen Replacement4 - Nationwide Apple Repair Centre

    iMac Broken LCD Screen Replacement Evaluation

  • iMac Health Check - Dust Removal3 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Health Check - Dust Removal - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac Health Check / Dust Removal

  • iMac Logic Board Repair3 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Logic Board Repair - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac Logic Board Repair Evaluation

  • iMac Liquid Damage Inspection3 - Nationwide Apple Repair CentreiMac Liquid Damage Inspection - Nationwide Apple Repair Centre

    iMac Liquid Damage Inspection

  • iMac Health Check - Dust Removal4 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Optical Drive Repair5 - Nationwide Apple Service Centre

    iMac Optical Drive Repair

    £159.99 £129.99Sale!
  • iMac Repair Evaluation3 - Nationwide Apple Service CentreiMac Slow OSX Optimisation4 - Nationwide Apple Repair Centre

    iMac Slow OSX Optimisation

  • iMac Virus Removal5 - Nationwide Apple Repair CentreiMac Virus Removal3 - Nationwide Apple Repair Centre

    iMac Virus Removal


The most common iMac problems

The iMac has been a key part of Apple’s computer family for years, and with good reason. The premium all-in-one has redefined the desktop PC several times over the years and offers a blend of performance and visual capability that is undeniably impressive. Is your iMac starting to show signs of age and is acting strangely or feeling sluggish? It might be time for one of TFix iMac repair services.

imac repair

It doesn’t matter if you have an older version or the latest iMac model – sometimes things go wrong with this ultra-fancy computer. TFix iMac repairs will help you bring it back to life. Check out our take on the most common problems that iMac users have experienced.

From work to play, you depend on your iMac a lot. When you don’t have weeks to wait for Apple to fix your iMac, TFix is the spot you visit. We understand that you want as fast as possible and as cheap as you can afford repairs. Our expert technicians are ready to help when you need iMac repair completed without delay. We don’t keep you waiting, and often complete our Apple iMac repair services in less than 24 hours.

An iMac not turning on is a real deal breaker if you’re hoping to get some work done or relax with the latest series. That’s where TFix comes in with our iMac repair. Not only do we fix the most common problems with the iMac computer family, but we can also repair any possible issue within your system. Of course, if you’re willing to pay for it. You know as the Joker said to Batman – if you’re good at something never do it for free.

We provide a wide range of different services such as iMac hard drive replacement, iMac screen replacement, iMac SSD upgrade, iMac screen repair, iMac 27 screen replacement, etc.

iMac hard drive replacement cost

When you need fast, affordable Apple computer repair services, depend on the technicians at TFix! Repair costs usually depend on the type and extent of damage to your iMac. However, our repairs are always affordable and backed by a fantastic warranty program. Order our iMac evaluation service, and we will be able to give you an exact price how much it will cost to get your iMac fixed.

iMac repair London

When you need fast, affordable iMac repair service in London, depend on the technicians at TFix! Stop googling “iMac repairs near me”. If you are reading this you already found the most reliable iMac computer repair centre in London.

iMac repair UK

You might have gotten here by googling “iMac repair UK” because there isn’t a single one Apple repair shop in your area. Don’t worry; we have you covered!

We offer free shipping labels to all orders placed online so you can conveniently get your device over to us. Simply print them out from an email. Don’t have a printed? No worries, simply click a button within the order confirmation email and we will post you the labels. Then just follow prep and pack instructions, stick the label on, visit your local post office and it will be with us in a jiffy. Once repaired we will then ship it back using our trusted delivery partners. You will receive a notification when the shipment is picked up and will be able to check the tracking information within your account online.


All our services come with FREE dust cleaning, FREE three months warranty. We are also very sure every single iMac repair service will leave your Apple gadget in full working order as TFix Quality Control department checks every single function. To be exact more than 30 checks are made to make sure you go home, plug in and use it headache free with no further issues.