The Playstation 4 game console has been plagues with HDMI port issue right from the start. Some of these ports had pins pushed in, some just simply broke off the circuit board and other had pinouts shorted where Panasonic MN86471A HDMI controller had to be replaced.

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?

So, what’s that PS4 HDMI port repair all about? Replacing HDMI port on printed circuit board is not a very easy task and usually cannot be carried out at home due to requirement of at least micro soldering iron and a stereo microscope due soldering joints being quite tiny. During the PS4 HDMI port repair you will also have to handle printed circuit board, so all ESD precautions need to be followed to ensure nothing else gets damaged due to electrostatic discharge.

Basic steps to carry out a successful PS4 HDMI port repair

To correctly take apart your game console you won’t need many tools, however, torx TR9 security screwdriver might be harder to come by. Although, there are usually plenty available to be purchased from hardware stores, however watch out as most of them are non-security. Phillips #1 screwdriver will also be required to help you extract the motherboard from PS4 case.

Before you carry out any work on electronic devices make sure all wires are completely disconnected and don’t forget to ground yourself to eliminate any potential ESD damage as we will be working on bare printed circuit board. Following are the basic steps you need to follow in order to carry out to PS4 HDMI port repair:

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?

Firstly, pop the HDD cover off, get that large Phillips screw out and disconnect the hard drive. It is inside the aluminium caddy connected directly to the board, so we need to remove it completely in order to disassemble the console down to the board and complete this PS4 HDMI port repair.

Find and remove warranty stickers at the back of your console as these hide torx security screws behind them. This will void your warranty, which is only valid for one year from the date you purchased your PS4.

Unscrew all the screws using TR9 security bit, which has a hole in the middle to accommodate the pin on these screws, hence “security” feature. There should be 4 of these little screws.

Remove the bottom cover by turning your PS4 on its top. This will reveal access to internal components. You should now see the 85mm fan, power supply and the top of disc drive unit.

The two shiny bits poking at you, secured by further 2 Phillips screws, are actually cover clips. Remove and set them aside in order to be remembered, as all of this will have to be put back together!

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?
What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?

After 3 more security screws power supply can be lifted from its tight space. If you’ve never removed a PSU from PS4 before it might be a bit trickier. The key is to lift it completely level as it is tightly squeezed in there and even if bent at slightest angle will get stuck. Don’t yank it straight away though as it is still connected by 5 pin header to motherboard underneath. Disconnect that and set the brick aside.

In order to remove disc reading unit, disconnect flex ribbon cable and another pin header, this time 4 pins. Be careful with that ribbon cable, the correct way to remove that is to press the clip from the top and gently remove the cable from the connector.

Technically, you don’t need to remove the disc drive in order to extract the motherboard, however, as we’re already inside, it could be a good idea to take it apart and clean it from dust. Disc reading unit or disc drive, whatever you call it, is secured in place using 4 torx screws and 1 Phillips screw. That aluminium weirdly bent piece of metal on top of your unit is actually antenna for WiFi and bluetooth connections, connected to your motherboard using micro SMA connector. Disconnect that and set it aside. Drive should lift right up now, ready for cleaning or to please the technical curiosity to be disassembled further.

Now we’re ready to turn the console back and work on top of it tearing it further apart to get to that motherboard and get on with this PS4 HDMI port repair.

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Looking for Playstation 4 HDMI port repair?

The fan connector can catch you off guard as it’s tiny enough to be overlooked and can cause major issues if mistakenly ripped off the board. No fan, no cool air usually means bad news for these machines as they do tend to heat up a lot during these binge gaming sessions…

That boomerang looking clamp with 2 Phillips screws secures heatsink on top of your APU, which is the brains of your PS4. This time Sony decided to integrate both CPU and GPU inside a single SoC called Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). Remove 2 chunky screws and set the boomerang aside.

After removing 12, yes 12, torx screws we’re ready to remove external shield of PS4 motherboard.

Now the motherboard can be taken out to complete PS4 HDMI port repair. The best practice is to actually carefully lift it from the front and remove at an angle, whilst observing not to damage any components soldered onto circuit board. If you’re taking apart your PS4 for the first time thermal compound could prevent it from coming off easy. Be careful, patient and take your time as bending the board could produce cold solder joints. These could be hard to find and repair due to such high population of components on the PS4 motherboard.

Clean CPU from the old thermal paste before you do anything as there is nothing more frustrating than getting that paste on your lab coat… IPA + lint free wipe do the job pretty well, however, if thermal paste resists to dissolve, give it a go with ESD safe bristle brush. It does wonders at getting all this outdated, hardened paste from in-between components on APU.

Remove the battery just to be on the safe side. We’ve had occasions at our labs where junior techies forgot to take the battery out and it exploded from the heat right next to their face. Wear PPE! That’s Personal Protective Equipment.

We highly suggest mounting the motherboard on either stand-offs or prefabricated fixture to ensure it is safely suspended during various soldering procedures you’ll be carrying out in this PS4 HDMI port repair venture.

Looking for Playstation 4 HDMI port repair?

There are multiple ways to remove the old port. Some techies do it with dedicated soldering rework stations, some with hot air guns, some using infrared heat. We on the other hand use one of JBC heavy duty tips and low melt solder. This allows us to have all the joints molten for a few seconds to remove the port easily causing less amount of thermal stress to the board itself.

Once removed, clean the board of all the remaining solder using wick or de-soldering pump.

Inspection is key and now it’s time to evaluate the condition of the PCB pads as during hundreds of PS4 HDMI port repair procedures we’ve carried, we noticed a trend of damaged tracks. Especially, if someone had a go at trying to get it fixed…

Once all tracks are inspected or repaired if necessary, we’re ready to align and solder the new port into its place.

Mount the HDMI port directly on the pads and secure it by soldering ground pins using minimal amount of solder. Once all aligned correctly, get in there under a microscope and completely solder all these 19 pins to the board. This requires a fair amount of micro soldering skill, which can only be developed through practice and repetition. Keep an eye for shorts, and clean all the burnt flux before you need to apply some more.

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?

Looking for Playstation 4 HDMI port repair?

PS4 HDMI port repair tips

All 19 pins done. No shorts. All secured in place providing reliable connection to support that 5 gigabits of data flow, solder remaining ground pins with plenty of solder.

Now just follow the steps back to assemble your PS4 together and hope for the best.

When it comes to HDMI port there are few different versions circulating on the market. The one to look for is with closed off pins at the back and pin ends at the front embedded into plastic inside the actual port. This kind of design not only ensure pins won’t become unstuck by constant use but also won’t push back through. You can check out our PS4 HDMI port comparison post for further information.

Don’t forget to clean and reapply new thermal paste on your APU before assembling your PS4 back together. Ideally you need a thermal paste from a reputable brand as this is a single point of contact in your game console to dispose all that heat when it crunches data during gameplay. Apply a thin and even layer of thermal compound to ensure best possible heat transfer. Remember, more thermal paste will actually do more harm than good, the trick is to keep it even and thin across the whole APU die.

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?
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If even after replacing the HDMI port you have issues, such as no video display, white light of death or HDMI outputs on low resolution, it only means there might be a problem somewhere else along the video line on PS4 motherboard. Things to check when you need to debug a PS4 HDMI port repair you’ve just done, would be APU BGA, Panasonic MN86471A HDMI transmitter, choke coils in between transmitter and pinouts of the port. Once the port gets damaged it is quite easy to short these little pins inside the port and if the shortage happens when your PS4 is turned on it is very likely something else along the line gets damaged and only a PS4 HDMI port repair might not be enough. You might even have to replace a HDMI controller, which is QFP64 package, meaning removal and replacement of this component is even a more complicated task. It also does not help that these aren’t available to be purchased new, so every single one you buy from grey market could be potentially faulty and needs to be tested before you spend your precious time micro soldering these tiny 64 pins to the board.

Looking for Playstation 4 HDMI port repair?