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Increase your ROI through our range of technical support services

Our focus is to meet the growing demand of technical support services for manufacturers during various stages of product life. By specialising in electronic circuit board debugging and repair we are able to offer warranty or out-of-warranty programs to extend value to your customers by increasing product life-time. As contract repair provider we maintain highly technical ESD-safe laboratories, which allows us to run safest possible SMT component replacement and recovery procedures by replacing single components instead of whole PCBA. Multiple equipment for printed circuit board rework provides TFix with ability to support your product during various manufacturing stages, such as development, assembly, testing and post-assembly fault rectification. The prototype PCB assembly services is dedicated to supply the demand for low value, quick turnaround SMT component placement and soldering services for stand alone developers and early product printed circuit board prototyping.

Playstation 4 CXD90026G APU BGA Repair at TFix in South London