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What causes PS4 freezing issues?

Game console freezing or lagging is only one of the few issues that current electronic equipment experiences in general. What we mean by “freezing” is when you game console gets stuck whilst playing a game or simply has “hiccups” in performance causing it to lag. These freezes can also be observed once you decide to carry out an update on your PS4 to either bring new features or simply to enable latest games to be played.

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair?

What it takes to do PS4 HDMI port repair? [FREE GUIDE]

So, what’s all that PS4 HDMI port repair all about? Replacing HDMI port on printed circuit board is not a very easy task and usually cannot be carried out at home due to requirement of at least micro soldering iron and stereo microscope due soldering joints being quite tiny. During the PS4 HDMI port repair you will also have to handle bare printed circuit board, so all ESD precautions need to be followed to ensure nothing else is damaged due to electrostatic discharge.